Pawnee Bot lives in the Slack channel of your choosing and gives you a random gif, image or YouTube video for your favorite Parks & Recreation character.

Mention the character's name, catch phrase or something about that character (think bacon, Cones of Dunshire, or Johnny Karate!) and Pawnee Bot will respond immediately!

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All your favorite characters!

The whole gang's here! Leslie, Ron, Ann, Chris, Ben, April, and Andy. Even Donna, Tom, Jerry/Larry/Barry/Terry/Gary, Jean Ralphio, Perd and Jam make an appearance!

Leslie Knope

Mention Leslie Knope, City Counselor, or Waffles to get Leslie!

Ron Swanson

Mention Ron Swanson, Bacon, or Brunette Women to get Ron!

April Ludgate

Mention April Ludgate, Orin, or I Love Andy to get April!

Andy Dwyer

Mention Andy Dwyer, Mouse Rat, Johnny Karate, or Burt Macklin to get Andy!

Ben Wyatt

Mention Ben Wyatt, Cones of Dunshire, or Icetown to get Ben!

Ann Perkins

Mention Ann Perkins, Beautiful Sunfish, or The Nurse to get Ann!

And lots more, with more being added regularly!

I making new friends!

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